Manage your social media wisely with Manage all your social media channels in one panel without any hassle. Actively monitor and engage your audience with relevant content, in a timely manner. With scheduled posts, and tweets, the platform automatically posts content for you to keep your account ticking and your customers delighted.


Reputation is the sum total of your brand as perceived by your customer. It is an important factor that can make or break your brand. Social media is one of the major contributors for your brand to engage directly with your customers. If it is not managed properly then your brand reputation can be at stake. Be it a great news or a crisis, how you handle it in a timely fashion with your existing customer base matters a lot. Our platform will enable you to properly plan proactively and manage every conversation. 


Deals and discounts have always been a cloud puller in the marketing space. There are dedicated websites that provide you information on deals and discounts. The deals itself are a motivator to get your audience’s attention, but the hard part of conversion still needs to be done during the sale.

With our platform, you can not only publish deals, and provide freebies or discounts to your clients, it also is your best option to increase visibility of your brand many fold. The collective power of deals and opinions from your existing customers can be leveraged to make the deals much bigger and better.


Analytics are an important part of any Business, to properly understand the value and returns from a particular marketing activity or initiative. Analytics platform allow you to understand, analyze and make changes as necessary to your marketing and social media plans to derive more value for your Business.

We provide a full fledged reporting and analytics platform which maps and reports the reach, reactions and other parameters associated with your campaigns. This is tracked in real time and published in your account.